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guess we're even, then So it all started as a joke. Doesn't it always?

A late night decision to make an online comic led to this, this insane comic called Raging Attack Secretaries. It was pretty much drawn in one night, too. But don't worry, this isn't that version. For my Illustration 2 project, I thought it might be fun to take the original six pager, and turn it into this.

And as the story goes, this turned into some roleplays, stories with my sister & Dark Ki, and then it led to another joke, Rifts (guy + guy romance warning!!!), which led to some degree of infamy for our former action hero.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, eh?

I have a confession to make. Because he was a joke, my first chara to ever recieve fanart was actually created as a major parody of some of my favorite characters. Most of them are of the stereotype I call "spunky slightly disgruntled fighting bishonen." That's right, Jamie is not so original after all, he's an amalgam of Lee Chaolan (from Tekken 2) - the hair; Hwoarang (from Tekken 3)- the hair and the headband; Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin (the wraps) . . . and some other peeps my brain is too fuzzy to recall right now. The suit is my own private fetish, methinks. Although Kazuya & Jin look damn fine dressed up. And no i don't know what that's gotta do with anything.